Hey babe, sound familiar?

You’re constantly bloated.

You’ve struggled with bloating and gut issues for as long as you can remember and you’ve tried tons of de-bloat remedies, probiotics, or supplements that help for a few days or weeks but the constipation, or pain always comes back. Poor digestion affects your mental health, hormone health, and immune system – healing your gut is the key to healing deep rooted imbalances.

Your periods aren’t painless.

Painful, heavy periods (or super light periods), PMS symptoms, and hormonal acne are NOT normal and are signs of an imbalance. Your period should be easy, painless, and a time to connect more with your intuition… not cause you to rearrange your work schedule or avoid social events. 

You always crave carbs and sugar.

Energy crashes, relying on caffeine to get through the day, can’t go more than a few hours without a snack, HELLO blood sugar dysregulation! Imbalances with blood sugar are closely intertwined with diet, underlying hormonal imbalances, gut dysbiosis, mineral deficiencies, toxin overload, etc.

You’re overwhelmed by all the health trends.

You have enough things to focus on already in your life and business and learning the ins and outs of the health industry and what is actually going to heal you is overwhelming AF. Instead of spending years researching and experimenting on your body trying to figure it out (like I did), you’d like a step by step process that will walk you through everything you need to know, without causing any more stress!

You’re done pill popping supplements and hoping for the best.

You’re attracted to a more holistic approach to healing and have tried natural supplements to symptom treat but they aren’t healing the reasons you’re needing supplements in the first place. Functional lab testing will give a 360-view into your gut, hormones, and liver function and uncover deep rooted opportunities for healing that require a more strategic approach.

You want a multi-dimentional approach to healing.

You know there’s SO much more to health than diet and exercise and understand that true healing happens on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. My program is the best of both worlds – it integrates mindset shifts and spiritual healing practices with functional lab testing and holistic healing protocols that will create massive energetic shifts in every aspect of your health, relationships, and business.

You deserve to feel in alignment with EVERY area of your life, especially your health.

This program is for the ambitious woman who is ready to do what it takes to heal…

Created for the powerful woman who is ready to do what it takes to heal,

My 4-Month Coaching Program, Becoming Magnetic,

contains a custom roadmap to healing

with a holistic, science-based approach,

infused with a touch of spirituality and energetics.

→ I’m also not here to give you a permission slip for a cheat day or “treat yourself” meal.


This program is designed to help you shift those old paradigms of health and find a healthy balance that creates a feeling of total freedom, without restriction.

We will work to heal your body at a metabolic level by

reducing external and internal stressors,

and restoring imbalances with custom protocols,

so your body can feel how you’re meant to feel,

in a state of abundance and alignment from within. 

→ Imagine waking up each day with an abundance of energy and clarity you don’t even need caffeine for?

→ Eating a meal and feeling absolutely no bloating, gas, or cramping?

→ Having glowy skin, balanced hormones and a regular period like comes every month like clockwork with zero PMS symptoms or pain…

→ Getting compliments all the time that “you’re glowing” and “I just love your energy”!

→ Looking at your body in the mirror, and thinking “damn… I look and FEEL amazing”.

→ Feeling a deep, unwavering connection to yourself, completely safe and grounded in your body that nobody else can ever take away from you.

I’ve created the roadmap for this to become your reality

as I have done for myself and my clients.


This program will empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to become your own healer with functional lab testing, custom healing protocols, online modules, bi-weekly coaching calls, and SO much more.


→ Functional Lab Testing is included in the program and will give us a 360-view and custom roadmap to clear out any toxins, heavy metals, parasites, and/or bacterial overgrowths and replenish mineral deficiencies and hormonal imbalances that are affecting your body’s ability to heal.


→ The Online Modules will teach you how to properly read ingredient labels, sync your life with your menstrual cycle, balance your blood sugar, switch to non-toxic products that don’t affect your hormones, decode health trends like gluten-free and sugar-free, rewire your mindset around stress, connect deeper with your body, and so much more.

→ You’ll get access to my Nutrition Guidebook and Recipe Database that contain my recommended shopping list items, favorite nutritious, blood sugar balancing recipes, and a how-to guide for eating out at restaurants and when traveling.

→ We will have a 90 Min Onboarding Session to go over your functional lab tests results and custom healing protocol, and then we’ll have 60 Min Bi-Weekly Calls to track your progress. 

→ In between our calls, you’ll have text and voice messaging access so you can ask me any questions you have throughout the program – basically a health and mindset coach in your back pocket for 4 months!

This is THE program I created for my past self – a woman who was misled, frustrated, but determined to figure out how to heal her body for good.

I’m calling in the women are ready to do what it takes to heal so they can build their dream lives in full alignment with their mind, body, and soul.

Ready to work with me or want to

learn more?

Fill out an application now!

You deserve to feel MAGNETIC.

Hey, I’m Avery!


From a very young age, I struggled with gut issues and was be forced to miss school a few times a month because of the pain. At 12 years old, I was diagnosed with IBS and was told it was just something I’d have to deal with for the rest of my life…

Throughout my teens and early twenties, I struggled with chronic sinus infections and strep throat, BV (bacterial vaginosis), constant UTIs, brain fog, bloating, constipation, and a myriad of food sensitivities. Little did I know, I was further harming myself by taking a combined 9 years of hormonal and non-hormonal birth control (the pill and the copper IUD).

By the age of 25, I was diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism with chronic symptoms including cystic acne, mood swings, severe anxiety, hair loss, and irregular and painful periods that left me feeling hopeless and frustrated. I had recently gotten my copper IUD removed as well, which actually made my symptoms worse because of how out of balance my body already was.

After spending YEARS and thousands on natural supplements, naturopathic doctors, functional lab testing, and completely shifting my diet, lifestyle, and mindset around my health and food, I finally started getting answers… and the physical, mental, and energetic shifts I began experiencing were mind-blowing. I’ve channeled this knowledge into my purpose in life – empowering women to heal their bodies naturally.

I’ve created my Becoming Magnetic program so you don’t have to spend any more time not feeling like your highest self. This transformational program contains ALL of the tools, knowledge, and mindset shifts you’ll need to heal your body on a physical, mental, and energetic level – a program I wish I had so many years ago.

Client Transformations

Jullie came to me feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and had recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. She was crystal clear on how sexy and confident she wanted to feel, but was lacking the knowledge and tools to get there. She had been experiencing irregular periods, brain fog, energy crashes, and low body image which was affecting her ability to show up as her best self for her partner, friends, and especially in her business.

When we started working together in a 3-month, one-on-one container, she was ready to dive head first into her healing and start to really prioritize her health for the first time.

In just three months, we completely shifted her mindset around her health, food, and her connection to self. We implemented new habits and practices that supported her body’s natural ability to heal, so she could start feeling more and more in alignment with herself. This led to massive shifts in her energy, self-confidence, and in her business.

Words from Jullie…

"First couple words I’m going to say is "LIFE CHANGING". Mid 2022 I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I went for some months continuing to eat healthy, but it always ended up in that never ending cycle of "eat ‘healthy’ for a week, and unintentionally devouring junk food on the weekends..."

"My way of eating healthy was from all the semi-toxic things I’ve learned about the health industry, including that carbs are bad for you. I knew I needed to reach out for help instead of buying several exercise/meal prep programs that never worked out for me...

"Not only have I learned so much more about my body – but Avery has helped me take the steps to balance my hormones (now, I actually have a NORMAL cycle), regulate my blood sugar (diabetes? SKRRRT), and taught me what it’s like to become mindful of the food I am putting into my body..."

"I no longer have brain fog, I have INCREASED AF energy ever than before, I’m getting the best sleep ever, and am journeying down the path of loving my self and my body more and more every day from eating organic, high-quality, nourishing foods and being intentional with every bite. I feel free to be honest. Accountability with her is 111% – you ARE on her mind. Best decision ever. Love you Avery!"

–  Jullie, Mindset + Business Coach

This multi-dimensional program is created for YOU.

For the woman who is ready to feel an abundance of energy, clarity, and connection,

In true alignment with her body, mind, and soul.

Combining functional lab testing, holistic healing protocols, mindset shifts, and one-on-one guidance and support… 

Ready to work with me or want to learn more?

Fill out an application now!

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